Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fast Forward

With almost twelve months between this and the last blog post, I can only apologise for the lack of news. However, shortly after my "Hello Cactus" post, 2017 threw a hugely challenging year at us, but we back on our feet, back in our studios, and of course back on our bikes.

In short, my husband was hit by a car (which unexpectedly turned across his path) whilst he was cycling home. Just a few miles down the road he lay with three spinal fractures, waiting for an ambulance to arrive, and wondering if he would ever walk again. It threw our world upside down.  Thankfully 'recovery' has been possible. Change has also been inevitable. Deep rooted mental change.

My husbands attitude to recovery has been incredible. His power of thought has always amazed me. Usually this has been directed towards his ultra endurance accomplishments, but now the same techniques were being applied to his own recovery. He would think his way back to former health and he wouldn't let this incident make him a victim. He was going to learn from it. Understand it. Work out the best process to survive it. Most astonishingly, he never allowed himself to accept feelings of anger for the driver who hit him, even though every day since he experiences pain.

Fast forward a year and we are hugely conscious of the value of health and life; of each other. Life is fragile and can be so easily taken away. However, it is also easy it is to take things away from yourself. It has been important to not let fear take over and to get back on the bike again. In recognition of this shared passion of ours (of which we are very thankful to still share), Rob and I have started a photography project called Season19:

Season19 is a celebration of the elements, and contradictions, that make the sport of cycling so addictive. Our goal is to express the emotions and sights that are unique to the journey of two wheels, a catalogue of experiences and memories. Our principle medium: black and white photography displayed through the social media platform Instagram - @season.19  and exhibiting at numerous venues from Autumn 2017 to Autumn 2018, including The Green Jersey and Look Mum No Hands. 

I hope you will enjoy following our Season19 project:

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